• TCT provides workshops for adolescents caring for the developing needs of 0-4 yrs child
  • TCT provides therapeutic multi-agency training for all of those working with challenging children
  • TCT provides independent support to foster carers
  • TCT provides support to enable childcare workers to forge positive relationships with children and young people
  • TCT specialises in helping teachers understand the therapeutic needs of ‘cared for children’ they may be teaching
  • TCT provides mentoring services for children and young people
  • TCT provides bespoke training for all who work with children who display challenging behaviour
  • TCT provides support and consultation for all of those working with ‘cared for children’
  • TCT training is underpinned with DDP, PACE & Attachment Strategies


  • TCT training is based on the fundamental principle of relationship building



  • TCT offers ongoing CPD packages for schools and education providers
  • TCT provides innovative and therapeutic ways of caring and working with children
  • Training
    Therapeutic Childcare Training provides training for all involved in the care and development of children...
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  • Support
    Therapeutic Childcare Training aims to provide our customers the best service and support we can...
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  • Consultancy
    Therapeutic Childcare Training is committed to providing consultancy and support services to all of those...
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