Comfort Zone for Children


This one day course will enable all those working with children to use a simple, new technique to help children stay calm and responsive; in their Comfort Zone.

Children’s ability to regulate themselves emotionally is usually learnt from their parents. But most children in the care system will not have had this opportunity.

The ability to emotionally self-regulate is associated with a child feeling settled being better able to learn and to form friendships. Without this ability children often present as hyperactive or dissociated.

Comfort Zone strategies can help your child learn how to get and stay calm. You and the child can share the ‘language’ of colour so no reading ability is necessary.

Children can feel empowered when they understand how to control themselves. This can also help with their self- esteem and resilience.

‘Comfort Zone’ provides an approach aimed at helping children with disordered emotions find strategies to keep themselves calmer and hopefully a little happier.

This 1 day course meets the requirements of the National Minimum Standards.