Therapeutic Childcare Training courses  promote learning and development for those needing to understand the impact trauma has on our children and young people. Thus providing the knowledge and skills needed to enable the workers, teachers and carers to build positive, nurturing relationships and attachments with the children and young people.

We deliver training, support and consultancy services nationwide, working with a broad range of Local Authority, private, voluntary, charitable organisations. Our aim is to enlighten, develop knowledge and skills for all who attend our training. Our training is focused, experiential and relaxed.

Therapeutic Childcare Training is focused on educating all those involved in the lives of our children and young people. By educating, we mean to draw out the insight, knowledge and experience that is already within. Enabling them to gain an understanding of children’s diverse and in many cases complex therapeutic needs. This is the way forward in today’s modern world, where large numbers of children are developing with insecure and disorganised attachments.

We aim to enlighten and help care providers understand themselves and then go on to gain a better understanding of the children they are working with. Which will in turn merit changes in the children /Young Peoples behaviours and their understanding of why they behave the way they do.

We have basic concepts:

  • Building relationships
  • Respect
  • Patience
  • Empathy

Which when delivered in an experiential, interactive and focused style will enhance the knowledge and skills of all who attend our training.

He who learns, teaches. Ethiopian Proverb

We can provide bespoke training which takes into consideration the holistic needs of our children, which incorporates their emotional, behavioural and development needs.

Please contact us to discuss your training requirements. Therapeutic Childcare Training can become an integral part of your ongoing training and development programme, catering for all/part of your childcare training needs.